Monday, October 5, 2009

Milan, City of Fashion

Francesco Scognamiglio, Fall 2009 Collection

One of the "ronde", vigilante squads authorised by the local council. In the words of vice-mayor and Youth Front stalwart Riccardo De Corato: "If people see uniforms, they feel safer".

Milano Moda Uomo 2009-2010

'This seat is reserved to dicks'. Massimo Salvini, deputy secretary of the Northern League, local councillor and member of the European Parliament, who earlier this year suggested instituting special train carriages for immigrants only.

Diet Coke's Homage to Gianni Versace, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, October 2009. No, really.

Another trio of vigilantes, in the garb inspired by the neofascist Movimento Sociale Italiano. Don't ask me about the demented salute.

An image from the prestigious 2009 Pirelli Calendar.

An image from the 2009 Forza Nuova calendar.

Gae Aulenti's monument to needle and thread, Piazzale Cadorna.

'Counterfeit fashion hurts the Italian industry', Piazzale Cadorna, September 2009.

"This shop sells only Italian products", Milan, 1937. Image by Adolfo Porry Camporel.

Models, 2009.

Partisans, 1945.

Giorgio Armani, Fall 2009 collection.

Milan, 1937. Original caption: "The beautiful Italian families". Image by Tino Petrelli.

'Prison bus' used to round up people who may or may not be guilty of the new crime of illegal immigration. Full set of images here.

Dolce e Gabbana, 2009 Fall Collection.